Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Language course abroad

FAQ-Language course abroad, improve your Spanish skills with intensive lessons.

You should be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the EU or Switzerland. You also should have an interest in learning Spanish and being prepared for the classes. You will have a small test on the first day of your Spanish language course to determine your Spanish level and to place you into your suitable class.

The costs vary, because they depend on the location, the type of course and the accommodation you choose. Please see a list of prices here.

You can apply either by filling out the online registration form or by downloading the form and sending it attached to an email to:

You can choose the duration of your language course. We recommend at least 2 weeks. Therefore you have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish language. You will also have more time in the location abroad; putting your new skills to use. Many students stay for 4 weeks or longer, it depends on your available time and financial resources.

No, you don’t need to study before your language course. However if you want to brush up on some simple phrases and useful pieces of theory, there are plenty of online sites to help. Nevertheless, our partner schools offer a great introduction to Spanish and help you develop your skills throughout the course.

The 2 types of accommodation we offer are Shared Apartments and Host Families. More information can be found on our website. The apartments are maintained by the school. All host families are vetted by a high quality standard before students are allowed to stay with them.

Yes, at the latest one week prior to your arrival you will get a brief description of your host family or the shared apartment with the address and the contact details.

You can start a Spanish language course at any time of the year. All courses start on Mondays. Your accommodation is available from Sunday until the Saturday following your last class on a Friday.

Yes! We can organize your language course in 2 separate locations. We offer this option for people who are looking to undertake a Spanish language course for at least 4 weeks. For more information about this option, please email us at:

Yes, at the end of the course each student will receive a certificate from the school attesting the course duration and the course level.

Of course we do recommend that you stay with the class schedule the school offers, because you have paid money to learn Spanish. The schools offer a spare time programme which incorporates ways to get you to use your Spanish in an informal setting and not just in the classroom. Furthermore you can go on your own day trips during the days when the school doesn´t offer any activities, or in case you don´t want to participate in the trips the schools offer. Here in Locations we have listed a few of the hot spots you might want to visit.

Yes, if you need help, please contact a staff member at the school office or directly a teacher. We are also here for you at any time.

Do you have any other questions that we have not answered in our FAQ – Language course abroad?

If yes, please do not hesitate to email us at:
If you would like to register for a Spanish language course, please fill out the Registration Form.