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Take Spanish courses in Cádiz, one of our partner schools which is located centrally to the older part of the city and towards the beach. You will have access to a wide range of facilities including: Wi-Fi and free internet access, library services which hold a plethora of books, videos and music to help your Spanish. All classrooms are fully equipped and many of them have balconies for you to relax during your breaks. The school has a great atmosphere with classes having between 6-10 students. Thus you have the chance to get to know the other students a lot better. The tutors are all friendly and offer one-to-one support throughout the lessons. The school also hosts different events throughout the week so that you have the opportunity to sight-see and use your new language skills.

Cádiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe

Facts about Cádiz

Study Spanish courses in Cádiz and get to enjoy the great weather. It is a place where tourists and locals mix well, so there will be ample opportunity to develop your language skills outside the classroom.

Cádiz is situated in the south of Spain. It is in the province of Andalusia, on the Coast. It is a place for great weather all year round with beaches as an added bonus.
Population approx. 123.000
Total Area 12,10 km²
Province Andalusia

Interesting places in Cádiz: Gran Teatro Falla, Cádiz Cathedral, La Caleta, Castle of San Sebastián, Castle of Santa Catalina, Roman Theatre, Museum of Cádiz, Stadion Ramón de Carranza, Castle of San Marcos, Playa de la Victoria, Plaza de Mina, Tavira Tower

Things to Do, See and Enjoy in Cádiz

All of our language schools offer a great weekly timetable of events and planned activites for their students. However, if you would like to see Cádiz for yourself here are a few tips from us.

The Cathedral: You cannot miss this yellow-domed piece of architecture. It is stunning to see from the outside and inside.

Torre de Poniente: This is near the Cathedral, after climbing all the stairs through the bell tower you will be able to see magnificent views over Cádiz. It is definitely worth the walk-up.

Beach day: Cádiz is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of Spain, with Caleta being the most popular among tourists. You can spend your days walking along the promenade or by sunbathing. There are endless rows of cafes and restaurants to choose for a snack, drink or meal. El Faro is a well recommended restaurant near Caleta. Another great beach is one of the larger beaches stretching for 4 Km. This makes for another relaxing day by the Atlantic Ocean.

Go for Tapas: There are many great Tapas Restaurants that will offer authentic tapas dishes. Casa Manteca, Freiduría Las Flores, El Fogón de Mariana and El Aljibe are a few of the favourites.

Watch Flamenco: A great traditional dance for the south of Spain. Watch a fabulous Flamenco. Peña Flamenca La Perla and Casa Manteca have frequent shows.

Night out: Head to La Vina, one of the popular districts of Cádiz for nightlife among students alike. This is the more urban area of Cádiz, you will be able to find plenty of Bars and Clubs.

Price example: 4 weeks Spanish courses in Cádiz

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*€7204 weeks


4004 weeks


11204 weeks

*Course material is not included