Spanish courses in Santo Domingo de Heredia

Study Spanish courses in Santo Domingo de Heredia, our partner language school which is based in the city centre of Santo Domingo. San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is just a 20 minutes bus ride away from Santo Domingo. The language school is located far enough for students to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital, although it is still in the vicinity. The school itself is a modernized building with a fully equipped conference room.

Santo Domingo de Heredia

Facts about Santo Domingo (Study Spanish courses in Santo Domingo de Heredia)

Santo Domingo is one of the bigger cities in Costa Rica, away from the rainforest nature that surrounds the city. It is a great place to learn more about Costa Rica and its history. It has easy transport links to San Jose, but is definitely outside of the turmoil of the capital.

It is the capital of it´s canton, situated to the North of San José (about a 20 minute drive away). There is a plethora of things to do in Costa Rica´s capital San José as well as in Santo Domingo itself.
Population: approx. 40.000
Total area: 1.765 km²
Province: Province of Heredia

Interesting places in Santo Domingo: Brauillo Carrillo National Park, Poas Cloud Forest and Volcano, INBio Parque and Canopy Tours through the Rainforest.

Things to Do, See and Enjoy in Santo Domingo de Heredia

Santo Domingo de Heredia has much to see and the school offers a weekly timetable of events. However, if you would like to see for yourself what Santo Domingo de Heredia and the surround area has to offer, here are a few tips from us.Braulio Carrillo National Park: This 500 Km2 of Rainforest with hiking trails and waterfalls make up one of Heredia´s many National Parks. With many endangered species of birds.

Volcano Trip: Amongst Heredia´s landscape are many volcanoes which you can visit, the most popular being ´Poás Volcano National Park´. Here you can take several ´Senderos´ (hiking routes) that take you to a Crater Lake.  ´Barva´ is also another great volcano to see. You have the great opportunity to see and explore different parts of Costa Rica´s rich diversity.

INBio Parque: An eco-tourist park that exhibits the different ecosystems around Costa Rica. This is a great day out for locals and tourists alike. Albeit man-made amongst the nature that Costa Rica has to offer, it’s a great place to educate yourself about all types of biodiversity.

Tours through the Rainforest: There are many different tours that you could take through the various parts of Heredia´s Rainforest. Different tours can be done through the Canopies, on horseback or by the old-fashioned oxen and cart. There are also opportunities to zip-wire through the dense forests to gain another exhilarating perspective of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

Look around the City: There is also plenty to see and do in the City and not taking treks out into the forest. There are many buildings which resemble the Colonial Architecture from centuries ago. One of the most prominent is the Inmaculada Concepción Church, as well as the Palacio Municipal, Edificio de Correos and the Escuela República Argentina.

La Casa de la Cultura: This was the home of the former president Alfredo González Flores. It is now home to many different cultural activities that are planned, including musical performances, art exhibitions and many other events throughout the year.

El Parque Central: As the name suggests, this is a central park for the city. It´s a great place to relax after your classes and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants surrounding the park that you will never get bored for choice.

Price example: 4 weeks Spanish courses in Santo Domingo de Heredia

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$10204 weeks


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*Including registration fee ($65)