Spanish courses in Córdoba

Study Spanish courses in Córdoba, our language school in Córdoba is central to the main city, with only a 5 minute walk to Plaza de San Martin. It is a small school with only 8 classrooms. As they are fully equipped, these classrooms help the students to make the most of their language course. There is also a well equipped kitchen which students can use, along with a BBQ area in the courtyard as well as table tennis and football tables for your leisure.

Spanish courses in Córdoba

Facts about Córdoba

This is Argentina’s second largest city after Buenos Aires.  It is home to Argentina’s 1st University and is colloquially known as the Colonial Capital, which can be seen through the architecture of the remaining churches and town halls around the city.  Amongst the colonial buildings, there are more modern buildings, shopping centers and plenty of bars and clubs for a night out.

Córdoba is the second largest city in Argentina. Situated at the centre of Argentina, it is a great starting point to travel, with convenient connections to the north and south of the country.

Population: approx. 2.800.000
Total Area: 576 km²
Province: Province of Córdoba

Interesting places in Córdoba: Parque nacional quebrada del condorito, Plaza San Martin.

Things to Do, See and Enjoy in Córdoba

We have put together a few tips for your spare time after classes and at the weekends. The school in Córdoba will organise other events which you can also take part in.

Colonial Architecture: La Manzana Jesuitica, Colegio Nacional de Monserrat, Our Lady of the rosary Chapel of Candonga and Museo Palacio Ferreyra are all places which show the colonial architecture more than the other historic buildings in Córdoba. All of these are worth going to see to gain an insight into the way the buildings were and have been maintained.

Evening out: Nueva Córdoba is a great place to spend your evening with friends. With over 200 000 students centered in Córdoba, there is a plethora of opportunities to spend your evenings: for example relaxing in a bar or dancing till dawn in one of the many clubs.

Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito: This is a wonderful trip to spend time in the rocky plains and even see some Condors. There are many hikes and treks through the park. A place to visit is Balcón Norte (North balcony) and from here you will have an amazing view of the birds flying.

Plaza San Martín: This is the central hub of things for Córdoba and surrounded by many places for tourists to visit, including: Santa Teresa Church and the City Hall.

Events: (International fair of Córdoba) A 3 week fair for handmade crafts for everyone. Artwork and crafts made throughout Argentina and brought here to be sold at the fair. This unites all of Argentina´s creative artwork and handmade crafts into one place for 3 weeks.

Price example: 4 weeks Spanish courses in Córdoba

Language course

$8004 weeks


$7604 weeks


*$16554 weeks

*Including registration fee ($65) and mandatory health insurance ($30)