The student Camille from France is realizing a 4-months hotel internship on Tenerife organized by s-w-e-p.

Since April Camille is working at the Reception Department in a beautiful 4 star hotel on Tenerife. Read more about her experiences…
“I am really enjoying my internship here on Tenerife! I love meeting new people and travelling around. It is a great chance to work in a hotel for a few months. I like the daily work at the reception and I love being in contact with people of different nationalities and getting in touch with new cultures. During my time on the island, I got an insight into the hotel business and I have improved my language skills.

In my free-time, I normally go out with my new friends and colleagues. It is a pleasure that I have met all these lovely people. I am really enjoying my time on the island and I am already sad that I have to leave soon. Nevertheless, I will keep plenty of good memories and maybe in my future I will come back to work again on this beautiful island! :-)”

Thank you Camille for your feedback!

Your s-w-e-p-Team