The s-w-e-p interns explore the neighbour island!

Yesterday we, the s-w-e-p interns, went on a trip to La Gomera. We came there by fairy which took us only half an hour. Arrived on la Gomera, we rented a car to explore the island. We started in San Sebastian and drove to Hermigua, where we stopped to take a walk and saw banana plantations, avocado trees and vineyards. We continued with our tour and made a break in Agulo. Close to Agulo and Hermigua we went to a beautiful beach with black sand named Playa de la Caleta at which we ate delicious salads with exotic fruits. After gaining new energy we moved on to the next city: Las Rosas. There we visited the exhibition Centro de Visitantes de Juego de Bolas where we got some information about the National Park Garajonay. We drove through the park and stopped a few times to take photos with various breathtaking views on La Gomera ifself and other islands like Tenerife and La Palma. Back on our way to San Sebastian we walked up to the huge statue of Jesus which seems to watch over the city. From this hill we could enjoy fantastic views on San Sebastian and Tenerife with its volcano Teide. Before we had to go back to the fairy, we went around the city to buy some souvenirs for our friends and family members. A relaxed evening at the beach of Los Cristianos completed our perfect day.

We can really recommend La Gomera to you! Here you can have a look on the times, when the Fairy drives and how much it costs:

But notice: Some agencies only allow you to rent a car if you are at least 23 years old!